President Office: Via Ciconi 18 – 33100 Udine
Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy – Europe
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"Strength in unity". That is a cross-reference mark to the community value as common and individual good. It is standing out from the town hall of Udine, a Forojulian city which is heir of the historical Alpine-Adriatic metropolis of Aquileia whose legendary cohesion and obstinacy amazed the ancient world. In the Latin maxim "vis unita fortior" the members of the Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" can really see the last direction of our socio-cultural activity aiming to promote a civic spirit of solidarity and mobilization...


We consider COMMUNITY as a defensive and affective need and also potential refuge and bulwark of HUMANITY.

Community disruption shuts off Humanity and leaves it at the mercy of the mighties.

Community is then solidarity and a desirable guarantee of individual and collective liberty and dignity.

So, in front of the historical constant of migrations and in the face of increasing differentiation of values and customs, a continuous widespread action of communities restructuring or rebuilding seems necessary.

Without common references communities don't really exist and without common moral references communities are morally weak and humanely ineffective.

With these horizons, starting from our immediate context, we want to contribute to the common good of Humanity promoting culturally a "grassroots" community renaissance, from local to global, with a virtuous and harmonious respect for differences and in search for a positively cultural and civic rallying identity taken from and prompted by a TERRITORY objectively adopted as space and container of Humanity and also as civilization or content of historically localized human experience to which to adhere and contribute in terms of humanistic improvement.

Therefore we favour promotion activities of civic aggregation, participation and enculturation as well as hope for virtuous communities respecting the highest values of Humanity and being harmoniously multidimensional, proceeding subsidiarily from local to global, and always conscious of its identity of natural sovereign body, socially, culturally and civilly inclusive, plural and close, sympathetic, tight, libertarian and participatory.

We push finally with conviction for an actualizing reworking of a rallying lay culture taking also the universal positivity inspirations of thoughts and religions traditionally embodied in the history of every single community...