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Bepi or Giuseppe Menossi, an upright Friulian of former times, a late lamented collaborator at the dawn of our movement, wanted to get to realize a picture of the saints Hermagoras and Fortunatus, the protomartyrs of Aquileia, the Christian patrons of Friuli and Central Europe. He wanted a picture standing in a busy place useful to spread their message of human brotherhood. An old image of these two personages on the threshold of our electron balcony open to the world wants to be therefore a demonstration of ideal sharing and homage by the present Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" to the memory of a little big man of our people...


As an intercontinental multi-ethnic community which was a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, the North and South, East and West, the ancient Alpine-Adriatic metropolis of Aquileia, today in the Forojulian region, a peculiar Northeast within the Northeast of Italy, often demonstrated strong civic cohesion and obstinacy, resisting victoriously even against the Roman imperial army.

Aquileia, historical seat of a vast religious and civil international patriarchy, was the first matrix of the central European civilization.

The Friulian town of Udine was that patriarchy's creation and also its last capital, a historical popular bulwark against invaders and local tyrants.

It is from that town that is starting an initiative of !grassroots! cultural mobilization, aiming on all levels, within reason, at a virtuous revival of the community spirit of the brother peoples in the name of their common Mother Aquileia stimulating in this manner to a large extent the development of the Renaissance of the European and global civic culture.

The name AQVILEIA NOVA which appears in the present electronic showcase of the Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" represents therefore a cross-reference mark to an old title of the many localities proclaiming themselves, in the course of centuries, on various grounds, as heir to the famous Central European "civitas" dubbed the Second Rome.

So, that cross-reference mark is regained and proposed again as a good omen of renewal and update of human and civil values with very deep roots.

The background image of this showcase portrays, not by accident, a little "fountain of living water" on the coast near Aquileia, from which, as one could imagine, sprang the mid-European civilization: there landed the evangelist Mark, a bearer of hope and a common cultural matrix of the peoples between the Adriatic and Danube. For us, the members of the Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" that fountain symbolises, from the cultural point of view, a sacred good, a perennial call to a manifold "Aquileian" historical mission to renew.

We thank the late lamented scholar Gilberto Pressacco as well as his and our late lamented collaborator Ermes Silvano Candido for having spread their basic knowledge about the extraordinary importance of that place...

Conception and text: Prof. Alberto Travain
Linguistic consulting: Prof. David Bizjak
Thanks to a dear friend of ours for computer realization
Year 2012