President Office: Via Ciconi 18 – 33100 Udine
Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy – Europe
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The personification of Aquileia, the first metropolis of Central Europe, overlooks the city of Udine, its old emulator in the Forojulian region, from the local town hall. It seems critically watching over a people often superficial and oblivious of the particular role of community lab assigned it by geography and history at the crossroads between the Latin, Slavic and Germanic Europe. The members of the Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" consider remembering and possibly renewing of this function as our primary and permanent goal...


With a view to contribute to the common good of HUMANITY promoting culturally a grassroots renaissance of COMMUNITY from local to global, we are starting experimentally from our immediate context, that is the historical Friulian nucleus of the composite and polyhedral today’s Forojulian region (Friuli Venezia Giulia), "a little resume of the Universe" in Northeast Italy, a physical and anthropic geographical crossroads on the northernmost shore where Europe bathes in the Mediterranean Sea, a mythical melting-pot of cultures and peoples which is ascribed to and named after its ancient world-famous governor, Julius Caesar, the legendary father also of its ideal international summary specific language.

Our area has ever since been a fighting and meeting place. It has ever since been a lab of living together. It has ever since been a witness of special experiences of community, participation and mobilization.

Our area was the original cradle of the supranational mid-European civilization as hinterland of its first multi-ethnic metropolis, the ancient Aquileia, and of its first late medieval cross-border university, in Cividale del Friuli.

Starting from that civilization we support especially the revaluation of a civic culture typified not only by a proverbial respect to the public institutions but also by a rebellion spirit against tyranny according with an archetypal Aquileian myth of popular resistance, integrity and unshakableness (in Latin: "rusticitas"; in Greek: "haplotes"; in Friulian: "salt, onest, lavoradôr"). A myth which has been interpreted in different ways in the history of our lands. We search for it in all localities starting from our first bedrock Udine, the historical Friulian main city, the last capital and the civic bulwark of that original mid-European community which was the Alpine-Adriatic Patriarchy of Aquileia.

Our aims wear also the blue and gold/yellow traditional colours of Mother Aquileia (now these correspond inter alia with the Euro-communitarian ones and recall the broadest binomials West-East and North-South). They are combined with the white colour of the historical Roman "toga virilis", an ancient universal symbol of citizenship, and form a new civic local and global tricolour which recalls the people multidimensionally to brotherhood and sovereign consciousness...