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Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy – Europe
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Between Society & Territory

The "Contadinanza" (Peasantry) of Friuli, an extraordinary Renaissance popular counter-parliament, was an unparalleled institution in Europe, the highest symbol of the history of a "participatory" land and autonomy! The lively, spontaneous, free recollection of the precedents of a civic dignity always to guard also recalling the most remote and mythical memories is the distinctive mark of the activity of cultural promotion carried out by our Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" along the Romance-Slavic-Germanic border of Europe which was historically a particular lab of the principles of democracy...

between society & territory

By tradition, we culturally try to promote a "grassroots" renaissance of a sympathetic, free and sovereign COMMUNITY spirit in the bosom of TERRITORY, particularly aiming at:

1) a "participatory" historical social and civil valorisation of the "URBS" or the architectural and landscape city accounted as a collective cultural and environmental heritage of the local human experience, which is really an important territorial aggregative factor;

2) a "virtuous", human, cultural and civil gathering of the "CIVITAS" or the social city, primarily around the local civic history and traditions, the popular sharing and renewal of them can turn heterogeneous cohabitations into cohesive communities.

We do all that basically through initiatives intent on:

1) a promotion of the popular safeguard of a historical community heritage essentially formed by places and memories of events, figures and civic traditions and institutions;

2) a renewal of territorial and generational traditional forms of social and civic aggregation;

3) a straightening of the "esprit de corps" of a tight-knit and not subject civic body.

All that starting from the polyhedral Forojulian region (Friuli Venezia Giulia / Friûl Vignesie Julie / Furlanija Julijska Krajina / Friaul Julisch Venetien) in the European Union on the old Austrian-Italian-Slovenian border, the historical heart of the Alpine-Adriatic or "Aquileian" cultural "euroregion", a multimillennial Euro-Mediterranean crossroads and a traditional synthesis lab of cultures as ancient refuge and bulwark of various civilizations.

So our activity is culturally an action to salvage, renewal, aggregate, mobilize and enculturate virtuous sentiments of humanity and community having special historical and ideal roots in the international area originally united by the great ancient metropolis Aquileia...