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Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy – Europe
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Territorial belonging and civic participation: the ideal image of the region and the bell of the people in the central square of Udine, the Friulian capital which is heir of the historical international Alpine-Adriatic metropolis of Aquileia, symbolize, in the opinion of the members of the Alpine-Adriatic Cultural Civic Movement "Fogolâr Civic" and Friulian University Club "Academie dal Friûl" two unbreakable aspects of a "renaissance" of community as local and global bulwark of a harmonious Humanity. And yet these simulacra in the Udinese forum seem to recall old and proud antinomies and the destiny of the land which, in the course of history, was often a battlefield, border and also lab of synthesis of political, social and moral civilizations...


It all started from a little European city with a name in five languages: Utinum, Udin, Udine, Videm, Weiden, in Latin, Friulian, Italian, Slovene and German respectively.

It all really started in Udine, the democratic "Friulian Athens", the "last Aquileia" or rather the heir of the first mid-European metropolis, refuge and bulwark of various civilizations. Once it was the seat of the probably oldest parliament and of the only popular counter-parliament in Europe as well as home of powerful urban and rural civic assemblies.

In 1989 we were a RADIO PROGRAM. Its title was "La Cjampane dal Arengo", the Friulian popular name of the civic bell of Udine which is the symbol of great local traditions of community and participatory democracy. We wanted already to contribute to the mobilization of the civic spirit at that time.

In 1991 we were a SOCIAL PARLIAMENT. Its trilingual Friulian/Slovene/German name was "Parlament de Patrie dal Friûl / Skupščina Furlanske Domovine / Parlament des Heimatlandes Friaul". We wanted to contribute to the aggregation of the civic spirit of an Alpine-Adriatic region revisiting traditions of community representation of the old transnational State of Aquileia.

Since 1994 we have been a UNIVERSITY CLUB. Its name, in Friulian language, is "Academie dal Friûl", a wide reference to the famous thought lab of the Greek polis civilization which was founded in a suburb of Athens by the philosopher Plato. We want to contribute to the rationalization and regeneration of the civic spirit, starting from local schools and universities.

Since 2000 we have been a POPULAR MOVEMENT. Its name, in Friulian, is "Fogolâr Civic", which recalls an ideal aggregation and solidarity nucleus of a multifarious citizenry as well as a proud chest of its memories and glories. We want to contribute to the regeneration of the civic spirit, starting from Friulian and mid-European society and territory, or rather, from the dream of a Friuli and a Central Europe "of citizens"...